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It's all gone smart- and that's talking about the world we are living in at this very time. Therefore, having a smart tool that keeps you 'on your toes' is a trend that we will gladly embrace without a second thought. The Fitbit Alta [designed by American company, Fitbit] is primarily a wristband that has been integrated with a tracker to help you stay abreast of activities. As such, it helps you to accomplish certain fitness goals.

How it works

It is in the functions rendered by this wristband- albeit in connection with your smartphones in some instances- that one gets to see the reasons why it is categorized as a motivational accessory. Here, is how the Fitbit Alta functions:

  • Detects exercise [when used with SmartTrack]: Fitbit Alta automatically detects and records your aerobic exercises even without you having to press any button. This makes working out a whole lot interesting and rewarding.
  • Gets you on the move: The device sends you reminders [which are displayed on the screen] on the need for you to take some steps every hour, and the band will celebrate your progress upon fulfilling this feat. However, in order to keep track of your activities you will need to sync your data with the Fitbit app. Plus, you can also set specific goals on the dashboard.
  • It also automatically tracks your sleep pattern and wakes you up at set time. You will eventually get to see your sleep trends on the dashboard.

On the whole, the device ensures that you live your life in a balanced proportion as long as you pay heed to the alarm.