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Greenbelt XL Beach Tent

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Brand: Greenbelt Outfitters


  • * FAMILY FRIENDLY! At Greenbelt, we all have family's and know going anywhere is a TON of work and taking your family to the beach is nearly impossible. Now picture this, you arrive to the beach with kids in tow already trying to run off on their own. You find the spot, release your grip with precious moments before they scatter. In less than it takes to slather sunscreen, you can have the tent up and ready to protect you and your kids from the sun while getting ready for the beach day!
  • * ONE OF A KIND! No other tent or umbrella compares! We've created the best beach tent around. Doubled strength of our poles to protect against high wind breaks or the occasional mishap. Largest extendable sand mat gives room for everyone to relax and play. Specially engineered mat can also double as a privacy screen. High wind ropes for those not so beachy days. Triple ventilated XL windows for maximum airflow! All with durable breathable 60+ UPF rated material to protect from sun harm.
  • *100% GUARANTEED! You get what you pay for! So why not buy the best and save yourself the grief. Our deluxe sunn shade tents are designed to be a durable and rugged canopy. That is why we offer a lifetime replacement warranty on any breaks, tears, or manufacturer defects. You also get a 30 day no questions asked money back trial period to make sure the tent fits your needs. There is really nothing to lose and everything to gain with this awesome addition to your outdoor cabana collection!
  • *NEW 2018 DESIGN! Older models use the instant hub with the ropes, Ropes become tangled, unravelled, and taxing on your arms, especially after a day in the sun. Greenbelt has removed the ropes!! We offer the latest design with a rope free easy open hub. So easy that you can open and close with one hand. This saves you so much precious time and headaches. Finally we offer one of the highest rated sun protection linings available. That way you know you and your loved ones will be UV safe!

Publisher: Greenbelt Outfitters

Warranty: 30 Day Money Back Trial, Lifetime Warranty on Factory Defects and Breaks


"So Much More Than A Beach Tent" "Great For Atlantic or Pacific Breeze" "Fast! Easy to Set Up and Take Down" "Loved that is came with instructions!" "Kids loved it!..Nice Break From The Sun!"


Question: Can this tent only be used for beaches?

Answer: Absolutely not! Our tent has been designed for all types of outdoor and indoor activities. It would be crazy to only cater to the coastal people. Besides the beach our tent is great for watching kids games, dog parks, picnics, lakes, fishing, bedroom, and anywhere else you can think of!

Question: What about windy days?

Answer:  Our tent includes three times the security to hold the tent down. We have 6 sandbags built into the tent to provide weight. Also include metal stakes to hold the tent down at kids games and non sand areas. Finally for the really windy days, we include paracord tie downs to secure your tent in heavy wind days.

Question: Is it hot? How well am I protected from the sun?

Answer: With three extra large windows, our tent offers 360 degrees of airflow. The entire tent is made out of a reflective material that has a UPF rating of 60+. UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rate indicates how much of the sun's UV radiation is absorbed by the fabric. At 60+, that means 98%-99% of the sun’s UV rays are blocked.

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